You are looking at this site because you need your piano moved.  You value your piano and want it moved by the best company and at a reasonable price. It’s likely your piano is very precious to you, with a high monetary or sentimental value.   Whatever the circumstances,  you want the move carried out by professionals and by a recommended company with a background you can trust.

Most modern pianos are now finished in a high gloss polyester finish, which is quite durable when it is in your home, however, this finish can be easily scratched, dented or chipped when moved,  but it’s not so easy to repair.

And it’s not just the casework that can suffer, most pianos will require tuning after they have been moved, but a badly handled piano can be unplayable as a result of inexperienced moving.

As a specialist piano carrier, with decades of experience, we know how to take care of your piano while it’s in transit.  We have the equipment and the knowledge to avoid any potential damage and, therefore, we believe  you should use a specialist piano carrier such as Piano Logistics.

How to spot a piano moving specialist on the internet?

  1. Take a look at our site and compare our photos with others, this will give you a good idea.
  2. Its best to use a company operating trucks with large tail lifts the potential for damage loading and unloading is vastly reduced.
  3. Avoid broker sites such as Any Van, Delivery quote compare and U Ship if you are looking for a piano moving  specialist,  No specialist piano movers will be listed on these sites
  4. Some house hold movers will list and advertise that they move pianos,  you can decide if you want a house hold mover or specialist piano mover who only moves pianos.  Some however are duping the public that they are a specialist piano movers by having a piano moving related domain name and piano moving website, this is fine but you are paying for a specialist and getting a house mover,

We know is we are the best UK piano moving company you could get, so why choose us?  We would like to think there are plenty of very good reasons, but here are some of the main ones:

Our experience and expertise

Nothing counts quite like experience. We have overseen every kind of piano move imaginable. We move over 15 000 pianos per year, from a straightforward piano delivery to the extreme of delivering a piano using a helicopter on a remote island. You name it, when it comes to piano moving, experience counts, we believe after moving thousands of pianos this gives us the leading authority on piano moving,

Staff commitment

Our office staff and our piano moving crews are committed to their job.  After a six month training program learning, not just moving techniques, but how the inner workings of a piano operate, they understand a piano is not just a piece of furniture but a living instrument and to give it the care and respect it deserves.  We have many members of staff who have enjoyed a long-term career at Piano Logistics.

Equipment and vehicles

Our equipment has mostly been designed by ourselves and it does differ from the standard piano moving equipment, giving extra protection.  All of our piano covers are made to measure and we have a number of stair climbers.  Our vehicles are bespoke to our specification, with temperature control and humidity control, which will keep your piano in the perfect environment while it’s in transit. No other piano moving company in the UK offers this service.

Regular national network

We are committed to delivering new pianos to shops throughout the UK on a weekly basis, thus giving us the infrastructure to cover most of the UK weekly.

Value for money

We try our best to be as competitive as possible, but running the best piano moving company in the UK means we are not going to be the cheapest.  We offer a fair price and one that is on par with most quality reputable removal and art moving companies.


A vital part of any move is to know your piano is fully covered.  As a company we are fully insured and can pass this on for a minimal cost.  We can include cover in our quotation – with the associated costs.  Unlike most companies, our cover includes damage to property/floors etc whilst collecting/delivering. Not that we have had to use this service very often, however, it gives you peace of mind that it is in place.

Our environmental commitment

When we transport your piano, we work hard to ensure that it has as little impact on the environment as possible. From using modern vehicles to recycled materials in our packaging. We also train all of our drivers in responsible driving and fuel efficiency.

Key points that set Piano Logistics apart from other carriers.

  • Your piano can be fully insured, whatever the value, this can be included in your quote along with the minimal charges associated.
  • Floors and walls are covered by our Insurance, again no hidden or added charges.
  • Unlike other carriers, we do not sub-contract any moves in the UK.
  • No casual staff.
  • We only employ staff without criminal records.
  • All staff are security checked through the CRB system for Royal & Government venues
  • Insulated, temperature controlled vehicles; a must for piano removals.