Questions you should ask a piano mover

We receive a lot of phone calls from customers who have been let down, have damaged pianos or have moving companies who are stuck on stairs with a piano.  It always amazes us that no questions are asked when booking a piano move.  The main feedback we receive from potential customers is they do not know what to ask, so we have compiled a short list of questions you should ask a piano mover.

Questions you should ask yourself when considering who should move your piano

The first question you need to ask yourself is,  do I require a specialist piano mover?  or do I require a cheap mover and take my chances?  If you have a piano of any value or of great sentimental value or you value your property the answer should be yes,  you will require a specialist piano mover,  because the risks for damage can be very high.

Questions you should ask any prospective piano movers

Do you only move pianos?

Why:  there are so many movers listed on the internet, some exist, some not, a lot of them are household movers not piano movers, their is a difference?

Are you insured for moving pianos, if so, to what level, and does this include damage to walls, floors and steps?

Why: Surprisingly this is a question very rarely asked,  most companies have some form of insurance cover, but ask for full details in writing of the limits and what it covers. Does it cover walls, floors, steps, etc theirs no point getting a really competitive piano removal price if you have to replace your wooden flooring because it has been scratched,  and not insured?

Piano moves by stairs: ask how many people will make a delivery by stairs

Why: if the answer is two, put the phone down,  three: ok, depending how many floors and how tight the move is.   Four and above: this is what it should be, this will reduce the chance of damage to the piano and walls etc.    Remember it is easier to ask before hand, than it is to fight an insurance claim or find out you have no insurance after the event.

If you move a piano on a part load, how long will this take and where will the piano be stored

Some companies work on a part load and it can take them weeks/months to deliver, they wait until they have a house removal in your area to deliver, in the mean time your piano is sitting in a cold warehouse? ask for photos of the storage area.

Do you subcontract piano moves?

Why: So many companies on the internet are  brokers like Any Van, Delivery quote compare and U Ship they state the companies are vetted, vetted for what? they are not piano movers just guys with vans trying to make a living or then there are retailers looking to subcontract your piano move for the cheapest piano moving cost they can find, therefore  maximizing their profits by using man and a van service, which is fine if that’s what you are paying for.

Are you a member of an organization such as BAR (British Association of Removers)?

Why: this then gives you some cover should any problem arise (BAR is the only organization we would recommended,  they have a very thorough joining process)

Are all of your vehicles air ride and temperature controlled?

Why:  temperature control is one of the most important aspects of moving a piano unless you want a piano full of condensation and rusting strings in the months to come.

Deliveries using a crane

This is a whole new set of questions click here

Remember, if you receive a price that is extremely low, then beware.  In 2014 you cannot run a proper moving company and give a cheap price, we offer a fair price that we feel is good value for money, considering the extra service and equipment you receive.  Last year we moved over fifteen thousand pianos without incident, this is no mean feat and requires a lot of continuous training, replacement equipment and happy staff.

How much does it cost to move a piano

We charge from:

Upright pianos £299

Grand pianos £449

We can also offer insurance at competitive rates


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