Are you looking for quality piano movers?

Look no further, we have over 35 years of experience moving and storing pianos. We will transport you’re piano safely and securely in our climate controlled; load area vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with a minimum of two people and a vast array of piano moving equipment, from different size piano shoes; padded covers; piano wheels (small and large) to stair climbing machines. All of our vehicles have extra large tail lifts and air ride suspension.

How to move a grand piano by Piano Logistics

A question regularly asked  is ‘how do you move a grand piano?’ The answer depends on company policy and equipment levels but the basics are the same. We can show you how to safely move a grand piano without straining when lifting.  Here is how to move a grand piano by Piano Logistics:

Firstly the equipment needed to move a grand piano:

  • Piano shoe / slipper (these range in size between 5ft-9ft)
  • Padded piano cover
  • Foam sheeting or inner cover
  • Box for legs and lyre (or as we use flight case)
  • Van blankets for legs and lyre
  • Grand piano wheels
  • Piano jack for lifting
  • Ramp

Of course there will be many people who say this equipment is not necessary but as we are a company, we have a duty of care to protect both your piano and our employees also. Below is the methodology for moving a grand piano:

  1. Cover the grand piano using a non abrasive foam, making sure to pad the gap from the piano case to the lid, we use a Tyvec breathable inner lining (this can only be used once)
  2. Seal the foam/inner lining  cover to the piano case with breathable material, this ensures no dust from the padded cover can harm the piano case work (padded covers are used hundreds of times, so they will pick dust partials up over time)
  3. Place the custom made padded piano cover over the piano (our cover have extra strong edges to protect from damage by the webbing)
  4. Attach the custom size piano shoe to the piano and secure with ratchet straps (we use a traditional webbing method)
  5. Remover the Lyre (pedals) and place in to flight-case or wrap
  6. Lift the bass side of the piano using the piano jack
  7. Remove the bass leg and place straight into the flight case or wrap
  8. When safe to do so, lower the grand piano to the floor using the piano jack
  9. Remove the jack
  10. The grand piano will now be resting on two legs, lift and tip the piano upwards so it sits on its side
  11. Remove the remaining two legs and place straight into the flight case or wrap
  12. Lift the nose end of the piano using the piano jack
  13. Place the piano wheels under the piano in the correct place
  14. You are now ready to transport.
  15. Finished