We are often asked, how do you move a piano up flights of stairs? 

Taking pianos upstairs or down stairs can be very dangerous.  At Piano Logistics we prepare all pianos at our warehouse that are going to go via stairs with protective edges and strapping.  Although this sounds like common sense,  it is not normal practice.

Upright pianos range from 250kgs to 360kgs, grand pianos from 300kgs to 650kgs.  Most pianos have a polyester resin finish which, if damaged, will shatter like glass.  A small quality repair will cost around £300.

It is our job to transport your piano in the same condition we collected it in.  This includes not damaging your property.  There is no point delivering a piano up stairs to find out you have to re-decorate, so we protect every piano we carry upstairs, we also protect your walls and floors.  This does increase expense, but is far cheaper than repairing the piano or re-decorating.

How do you move a piano up stairs FAQ

How do you carry a piano upstairs?

A common mistake made by movers and one you often see is some movers will use the pedal on your piano as a handle to aid them to carry it upstairs? Prepare the piano first with carrying straps, as for the carrying part its all down to technique and experience, we have crews that’s are good on stairs and some that are not,  is all to do with coordination, if everyone lifts a piano at different times or pushes it over on to another crew member a 5ft grand feels like you are lifting  a 9ft grand, what you need is a good strong coordinated team, who work with each other all the time, they know where and when the other is going to step or how high they will lift.

How many people does it take to move a piano upstairs

To carry a upright or grand piano upstairs will require a minimum of three experienced people, we use a minimum of four, in our experience it is far safer. We have guys who could carry a small upright piano upstairs using two people but if it goes wrong one of them may never work again due to the injuries you could sustain?, there is no point taking risks or cutting corners when moving pianos up or down stairs, it can be dangerous and a false economy to do so.