As the price of the move is determined by the ease of access, please describe the type of steps/stairs associated with each location; as well as the access to your house. Our vehicles vary in size from a large van to a 60ft truck with trailer so if you require a specific size of vehicle please mention this to the estimator. If you are in any doubt about your access please do not hesitate to send us photos to or use our link on the quotation form: See stair examples below.

Different stair layouts



Consecutive steps:  This is where there are no turns on a continuous flight of stairs.Where there are four steps or more then this will be classed as a flight of stairs.


90 Degree turn: Some stairs are designed with a flat 90 degree turn. Piano Logistics class this as two flights of stairs. Always check the height above the stairs as this is what usually stops the piano



90 Degree Pie-Shaped Turn

This is similar to the above but with no true landing. This makes moving the piano a lot harder and so please mention this to the estimator if you have this kind of staircase. Again; as with the above, please check the height above the stairs to ensure clearance because the piano, once carried round the turn, must be lifted quite high all in one go. Piano Logistics would class this as two flights of stairs.



180 Degree Stairwell Turn

Some flights of steps have a 180 degree turn with a landing. It is important to know the size of the landing and again the height of the stairwell. Piano Logistics would class this as two flights.



Spiral Stairwells

Perhaps the most awkward is the spiral staircase due to height issues. We would recommend a viewing on any spiral staircase. In the case of a spiral staircase, Piano Logistics would class each floor as three flights of stairs.